Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Rescue at the Temple

Divide the Party!

The party begins outside the fieldstone wall that surrounds the temple to Chauntea in Greenest. A short “diversion” – failed spell from Flint – and the rest of the party is off to stop the battering ram at the front door of the temple.

Mara casts fog cloud to block sight to the front door, and the party piles in. Mara and Squirrelget up along side the the temple while Gratch, Sorrow and Windi go to the front. Flint causes distractions around the front outside the fog.

Eventually Mara makes it into the temple and after a failed attempt, rallies the townfolk to get to the front door. At about the same time, the group in front dispatch the kobolds and stop the battering ram. They also collect the leader of the group and tie him up and knock him out.

Squirrel and Flint keep the group coming around the far side of the temple busy while everyone else gets the townsfolk out and to the temple with their prisoner.

There is a rough moment while Flint has to outrun a couple of drakes, but a quick detour through the temple (via the windows) lets his short dwarf legs outdistance the drakes.



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