Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Rescue at the Temple
Divide the Party!

The party begins outside the fieldstone wall that surrounds the temple to Chauntea in Greenest. A short “diversion” – failed spell from Flint – and the rest of the party is off to stop the battering ram at the front door of the temple.

Mara casts fog cloud to block sight to the front door, and the party piles in. Mara and Squirrelget up along side the the temple while Gratch, Sorrow and Windi go to the front. Flint causes distractions around the front outside the fog.

Eventually Mara makes it into the temple and after a failed attempt, rallies the townfolk to get to the front door. At about the same time, the group in front dispatch the kobolds and stop the battering ram. They also collect the leader of the group and tie him up and knock him out.

Squirrel and Flint keep the group coming around the far side of the temple busy while everyone else gets the townsfolk out and to the temple with their prisoner.

There is a rough moment while Flint has to outrun a couple of drakes, but a quick detour through the temple (via the windows) lets his short dwarf legs outdistance the drakes.

A Party Divided
A save and a save

Collecting an ever growing party of townspeople, the PCs lead them into the keep. A discussion on staying or going back out is decided by one characters need for healing.

As the party heals Flint the Dwarf, they notice a dwarf beckoning townsfolk in and looking them over. After the family they saved report to him what they did to save them, he invited them to meet the governor. In the basement of the keep, far from the attacks of the large blue dragon. The governor convinces the party to go back out into town to save anyone that may be trapped in the temple, and to see if they can bring back a prisoner. To help the party along, the castlean (sp) gives them the keys to a grate at the end of an old tunnel/sewer so they can sneak out and back in.

On their way out, they are attacked by a swarm of rats, but dispatch them easily.

Once they leave the tunnel, they spot a group of kobolds and acolytes searching the bushes for townspeople. Flint decides to go off on his own, and draws their attention with his torch. This draws the party into a drawn out battle anong the stream and the bushes. Mara goes down in the fighting, but is rescued by Sorrow before she completely expires. After searching the kobolds and finding some coins and bad dragon fan fiction, they head to the temple to see it surrounded by cultists and kobolds.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen
A 5e adventure with style

A Creation of Characters

An evening of trying to figure out what to be and how to go about being it.

The end result:

The Gratch – Half-Orc Barbarian
Swifti Windu – Wood Elf Monk
Erwetz “Squirrel” Bergel – Gnome Warlock
Mara Seaborn – Human Cleric (Pirate)
Vladamir “Sorrow” Putin – Tiefling Paladin
Flint Firestone – Dwarven Wizard

Good use was made of the backgrounds and personalities. Everyone except for Squirrel took an additional background element that tied in somehow to the campaign.

It took about 2 hours to create characters. Three people came with characters already created, one more was complete in concept but not details, and the other two were created on the spot. No one took advantage of the pre-gens that I laid out from the Beginner Box Set.

Welcome to Greenest

With approximately an hour and a half left in the evening, the PCs made their way slowly to Greenest. It was early evening. The caravan they were guarding/traveling with slowly crested a small rise and the PCs got their first glimpse of the city. A brief glimpse of the fire and carnage was literally overshadowed by the flyover of a large blue dragon. The dragon dove at the Keep in the center of the city, attacking it with lightning before flying out of sight in the darkness.

Heroically (hooray for heroes), the PCs rushed into town to save the residents from the kobolds and other attackers that were burning buildings, looting, and attacking the townsfolk. Initially they were mistaken for more looters by kobolds, but soon set the record straight by saving a small family. Unfortunately, during their flight to the Keep, they have started to attract attention with the use of some noisy spells.


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