Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The Sea and the Swamp

The party decided to beat the wagons and go by boat. Wisely/Unwisely they chose to approach House Minouge. Master Minouge was not happy to see Mara, but was happy to see Swifti – another Harper.

Master Minouge arranges passage, and they get up the coast a week before the wagons.

After a couple days journey through the Mere of the Dead Men, they come upon the Carnath Roadhouse.

Flint and Gratch get hired as guards
Swifti gets hired as a cook
Squirell and Mara get space in the stables as travellers.

In the middle of the night, based on info from Gristle (the other cook who sleeps above the locked storeroom) they investigate noises from said storeroom.

After some terrible perception checks they discover a tunnel. Inside the tunnel are 4 lizardmen.

After a terribly short battle two of the lizardmen are dead and the other two surrender.



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