Hoard of the Dragon Queen

End of One and the Beginning of Another

End of Episode 1

Making it back to the castle, the party delivers their captive to the Governor and the Castelan. After some persuasion, intimidation, and a private viewing of some implements of torture, he gave up the leaders, a map to the location of their camp, and the fact that they have some dragon eggs.

Of course, just as things might be looking up a messenger comes to the Governor and demands to see their champion. He is a half-dragon (blue) and says that his name is Cyanwrath. He demands single combat or he will kill his hostages.

Sorrow takes up the challenge, and is killed quickly by the half-dragon. However, he keeps his word and lets the last hostages go and leaves the city with a keening laugh at the champions incompetence.

As the sun comes up, and the smoke starts to clear everyone takes a well deserved rest – for a few minutes. As you find a quiet corner, a young half-elf monk with a wounded leg starts asking if anyone has seen Leosin. Windi, who was a student of Leosin, asks what’s wrong, and the story comes out that Leosin was studying the Cult of the Dragon and was going to try and infiltrate them to find out what they were doing. The young monk is worried that Leosin has been captured. The Governor hears the story and offers to heal and outfit the party if they will go to the Cults camp and rescue any captives. They will send to Baldur’s Gate for help, but it will take days.

The party sets of on horses and as they get close, a pillar or smoke from a small campfire is spotted in the distance. Squirrel tries to sneak up and see what is going on, and ends up with a couple of spears in his face.



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